MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award

Presented by Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

2017 Award Presentation - Bob & Jan Ezrin

Award Overview

What: The (inaugural) MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award, presented by the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation recognizes an individual who has had an extraordinary impact on education and the charity over the course of its 20-year history. 

When: MusiCounts and the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation are very pleased to be presenting the MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award at the 2017 JUNO Awards Chairman’s Reception. 

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Award Details

In honour of the Award Recipients, three MusiCounts Band Aid Program instrument grants will be awarded to Canadian schools.

Each Award Recipient will also receive a solid crystal statuette based on the JUNO Award design created by Canadian glass artist, the late Shirley Elford.



2017 Recipient Schools

Gitwinksihlk Elementary School - Gitwinksihlk, British Columbia

Central Kings Rural High School - Cambridge, Nova Scotia

Egremont Community School - Holstein, Ontario

About the Award Recipients

Legendary music and entertainment producer, Bob Ezrin first became associated with MusiCounts in 2004 after his induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. In 2005, he proposed that music education should not only be supported but also celebrated, leading to the creation of the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award. Through award sponsorship by internationally-renowned artists such as The Rolling Stones, Rush and Michael Bublé, the award program has elevated MusiCounts' status in the industry, while bringing attention to the heroes of education. As President of the Ezrin Company, Jan Ezrin manages the company's production efforts in Canada in music and television.  A true partnership, working hand in hand in business, in philanthropy, and in life, the Ezrins are also founding donors of the MusiCounts Leadership Circle

"We are truly honoured to receive this award, but we do so on behalf of all the MusiCounts ambassadors who have worked so hard to grow this amazing initiative over its 20-year history," said Jan Ezrin, Award Recipient. "All of us share the belief that music should be a fundamental part of every child's education, which is why it is so important to support MusiCounts in its efforts to make music accessible to all children through their schools and community centers, no matter what their circumstances are.  And so all of us share in this award."

2011JUNO Awards Statuette

About the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

"The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation has been dedicated to bringing higher education within reach for Canadian families for over 50 years," said Sherry MacDonald, President and CEO, Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation. "We believe that a music education can enrich the human experience and that our true heroes lie in those who inspire young Canadians to reach their dreams.  We are excited to be presenting this Award to two such heroes alongside MusiCounts at the JUNOs this year." 

In 1960, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CSTF) was established as a non-profit, grassroots organization with one role, the advancement of education in Canada including carrying on charitable projects in the educational field and helping families save for their child’s post-secondary education.   For over 56 years we have focused on this mission and have been key enablers through our advocacy work of programs such as the Registered Education Savings Plan program, the Canada Learning Bond, the Canada Education Savings Grant, as well as the Saskatchewan Grant for Education Savings and the BC Training and Education Savings Grant among others.  Most recently, we developed a new community program called CST Inspired Minds® Learning Project. Since 2014, CST Inspired Minds® has provided $700,000 to support innovative learning programs in Canada.