MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship for High School Students


Nominations Open

Deadline to nominate: May 21, 2021

Program Overview

What: This new scholarship program will help amplify the aspirations of high school-aged students with an interest in pursuing a career path in music. Through providing a $3,500 financial award, unique mentorship experiences with music industry leaders, and peer-to-peer networking, the MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship will equip students with the resources and connections they need to take their passion for music to the next level. Each year, 10-12 students from across Canada will receive this scholarship. 


Who Can Be Nominated: All high schools and community music organizations can nominate up to three students who hope to pursue a career or further studies in the areas of music performance, music creation and music leadership. See below for eligibility criteria and additional information.  


When & How: All high schools and community organizations are welcome to nominate up to three students for this scholarship before May 21. Following this, all nominees will be prompted to complete an online application. Applications are reviewed by industry experts, and recipients will be determined by early late July 2021. Virtual mentorship sessions for the recipients will be held in the late summer/early fall of 2021.

Who is this scholarship for?

The MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship aims to nurture potential and create opportunity. With that said, this scholarship is not intended for students with the most accolades, musical training, or the strongest academic track record. Rather, this program is focused on investing in the success of aspiring music professionals with talent and potential, who also face barriers in building a career in music.

Nomination Process

All schools and community music organizations are welcome to nominate three students for this award; one for each of the following categories:

2020 MusiCounts TD Community Music Recipients Announced (11)

Music Performance

For aspiring instrumentalists/vocalists in contemporary music (rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, rap, jazz, folk, alternative, country, traditional, jazz, etc). Classically-oriented musicians who have experience/interest in additional musical genres are also eligible.


Music Creation

For aspiring songwriters, composers, producers, and electronic music creators.

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Music Leadership

For aspiring music educators, music mentors, or those who are interested in a career in the commercial music industry. Students who use music to inspire others and/or advocate for important causes are also eligible to be nominated in this category.

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for this scholarship: 

  1. Nominees must be nominated by their school or community organization.
  2. Nominees must be between the ages of 15-18 at the time of nomination.
  3. Nominees must be enrolled in high school and/or participate in music programming offered by a community organization, at the time of nomination. 
  4. Nominees must have a demonstrated interest in building a career in music performance, music creation, or music leadership (as defined above).

Selection Process


All received applications will be adjudicated by a team of music industry professionals. Applications will be judged based on three core criteria: 

  1. Skill Level: does the nominee show talent and potential in their area of speciality? 
  2. Mandate Alignment: does the nominee align with the MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship’s mandate of providing opportunity to those who face barriers to starting a career in music?
  3. Impact Potential: does the nominee make a compelling case for how this scholarship will have a positive impact on their professional development in their application?

Nominations Open

April 12, 2021

Applications Close

June 2021

Nominations Close

May 21, 2021

Recipients Notified

July 2021

Applications Open

June 2021

Mentorship Sessions

October 2021