Linda Schuyler & Stephen Stohn

In 2016, Linda and Stephen made an extraordinary pledge of $500,000 in matching funds to the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. Due to their long-standing history with the charity, they recognized that MusiCounts has the power to continue to change the landscape of music education for children across Canada and wanted to inspire others to be involved. To learn more about Linda and Stephen and their philanthropy, watch this video.

Television producer Linda Schuyler began her career as a school teacher making short films. Schuyler used her experiences as inspiration to create and produce the ground-breaking Canadian television series Degrassi. Among numerous other awards for her contributions to the advancement and education for young people on issues around diversity and sexual identification, Schuyler was made a Member of the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario.

Entertainment lawyer, author, Degrassi executive producer and recently named chancellor of Trent University, Stephen Stohn, was executive producer of The JUNO Awards for nearly two decades. During that period, he also served as Director and then Chair of CARAS, The JUNO Awards and MusiCounts, where he had tremendous influence on what is now known as the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. He and other Directors were dedicated to ensuring that CARAS and The JUNO Awards provided the means for MusiCounts to thrive.

“Our giving has been very much centered around education, particularly music education. We believe that we can do our little bit to help the youth of today become better students and, in turn become better citizens,” said Stephen Stohn.

“It is very important to Stephen and me that we 100% love and believe in the causes we support, like MusiCounts,” added Linda Schuyler. “Seeing firsthand the impact instruments make on a school and community has shown how people giving can truly make a difference.”

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