Bell Media
Bell Media continues to be one of our most impactful supporters. In addition to its sponsorship of the Fred Sherratt Awards, Bell Media makes a significant annual contribution to the Band Aid Program.
Canadian Country Music Association
The Canadian Country Music Association has taken a leadership role in partnering with MusiCounts in support of music education all across Canada. Through generous donations, fundraising opportunities, and awareness-building the support of the CCMA has helped MusiCounts further our mission for many years.
TD Bank Group
In 2012 TD Bank Group partnered with MusiCounts to design a new program that supports music education for at-risk children and youth across the country. The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program delivers much-needed supplies of musical instruments to community programs that operate outside of schools.
Continuing to send the message that access to music is a hugely important aspect of childhood education, Sirius XM Canada provides tremendous annual support to the Band Aid Program.
Music Canada
Music Canada is a passionate advocate for music and those who create it. They support the Band Aid Program in line with our shared belief that music education provides far-reaching benefits to the lives of young Canadians, our communities and our culture.
Slaight Family Foundation
In 2010-11, MusiCounts, the Toronto District School Board, and The Slaight Family Foundation created a five year partnership that annually supports six schools in Toronto with supplies of musical instruments through the Band Aid Program.

Supported Since Inception By:

MusiCounts Leadership Circle

We extend our very special thanks to the donor members of the MusiCounts Leadership Circle

Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler*
Alex Bellamy
Aubrey Winfield
Bernard and Carole Crotty
Bob & Jan Ezrin*
Daniel S. Janis*
David Kines & Teresa Walsh
Deane Cameron and Christina Martinez Cameron*
Derrick Ross
Dylan Lennox Memorial Fund
Gabriella Sharrard and the Randy Sharrard Band Aid Fund

George Cohon*
Jackie Dean
Jeffrey Latimer and Larry Tobin
Jocelyn Flanagan
Mark and Suzanne Cohon*
Meredith Cartwright
Peter Steinmetz Q.C. and Elke Steinmetz
Rob G. Sobey
Ross and Jane Reynolds
Scott Mackenzie
W. Brett Wilson*
Warren and Maureen Spitz

*Indicates A Founding Donor of the MusiCounts Leadership Circle

Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler, who pledged up to $500,000 over the next five years in matching funds for gifts of $10,000 or more

Individuals and Foundations

MusiCounts is very fortunate to have the support of very generous individuals and foundations.

Events and Campaigns

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