Join The MusicMakers Community To Keep Music Alive in Canada

Help MusiCounts close the gap by filling classrooms across Canada with music. As a MusiCounts MusicMaker, you will join a special group of monthly donors who are passionate about music education, and determined to help provide musical instruments and equipment to kids who need them most. 

Even a $10 gift per month (just $0.33 a day) can provide a school with boomwhackers for their music program.

 Together, we can keep music and music education alive in Canada.


It's affordable

Donate as little as $10 a month.

It's flexible

Modify your gift at any time by contacting MusiCounts.

It's effective

Your monthly donation helps MusiCounts invest in long-term solutions to sustain music education in Canada.

Benefits of becoming a musicmaker

  • Support music education programs that are in jeopardy due to a lack of resources, their geographic location, socio-economic status, or marginalization. 
  • Help provide urgently needed musical instruments and equipment to school music programs including those that celebrate cultural traditions.
  • Help youth benefit from the transformational power of music, by nurturing their musicality and creativity, while also positively impacting their self-esteem, confidence and development.
  • Help provide the tools and resources to educate, develop, celebrate and honour the next generation of Canadian music professionals.
  • Have the opportunity to join us as an advocate for music education in your community. By using tools that MusiCounts provides, you can spread awareness about MusiCounts’ programs and help build an even healthier future for music education in Canada.
  • Receive exclusive information and updates to see how your donation is making a difference.
  • Receive a consolidated tax receipt for your 100% tax receiptable donation at the end of the year.

Contact Anika Wallia, Development & Partnerships Coordinator at [email protected]

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