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Name of ResourceDescriptionGrade RangeUser Category Screen UseSign-in Required? Available in French? Resource Categories and KeywordsDate Added
Fender - Free Music Lessons Fender is offering 3 months of free interactive guitar, bass, ukulele and mandolin lessons on their online music lesson platform. Middle, HighTeacher Resource & Parent ResourceBothYesNoguitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass, lessons, interactive2020-05-01 00:00:00
TeachRockTeachRock offers dozens of lesson plans and learning resources that use the history of popular music and culture to help teachers engage students. Innovative lesson plans developed by experienced educators and top experts in the field foster genuine learning in areas including social studies, language arts, geography, science, STEAM, general music and more. They also offer resources specifically to help teachers facilitate distance learning. AllTeacher ResourceBothNoNoPopular music, rock music, music and culture, interdisiplanary, history2020-05-01 00:00:00
Grammy Museum - Education at Home Program
Features several lesson plans that have students explore topics in electronic music production and the history of popular music. Middle, HighTeacher ResourceBothNoNoElectronic music production, popular music, MIDI, history2020-05-01 00:00:00
Smart Music
SmartMusic is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, helping musicians to develop and grow. Includes accompaniment, metronome and sight-reading tools. Free during COVID-19. Middle, HighTeacher ResourceBothYesNoPractice, music theory, metronome, sight reading, accompaniment, 2020-05-01 00:00:00
This tool allows users to connect, collaborate and create music with others who love to sing and play instruments. Moble app allows you to record, edit, sync up and share original music. HighTeacher ResourceBothYesNoCollaboration, music production, karaoke2020-05-01 00:00:00
Smithsonian Folkways Lesson PlansA collection of lesson plans, student activities and audio files that teach students about music from a variety cultures around the world.AllTeacher ResourceBothNoNoworld music, music and culture2020-05-01 00:00:00
Rock Hall EduRock Hall EDU is a free digital learning platform that is full of resources and activities that use the power of rock & roll to engage students of all ages.AllTeacher ResourceBothNoNoPopular music, rock music, music and culture, interdisiplanary, history2020-05-01 00:00:00
IncrediboxIncredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 7 impressive atmospheres and start to lay down, record and share your mix.Elementary, MiddleTeacher ResourceBothYesNoBeat-box, popular music, songwriting, music production2020-05-01 00:00:00
Little Kids Rock
Little Kids Rock features dozens of lessons, videos and guides that engage kids with rock, pop, Latin, and rap music. Includes learning resources that get students making music without instruments (beat-boxing, body percussion, etc) AllTeacher & Parent ResourceBothNoNoHip hop, rap, beat-boxing, music production, body percussion, DAW, music production, songwriting, guitar, ukulele, singing2020-05-01 00:00:00
Jeremy Fisher Junior Learn Lyric sheets and activities to accompany online performance by children's artist Jeremy Fisher Junior. ElementaryParent ResourceBothNoNosingalong, children's music2020-05-01 00:00:00
Free Platforms for Remote Music Instruction: Compare and ContrastDiscusses how different video communication platforms perform in a music education context. N/AProfessional Development N/ANoNovideo streaming, online rehearsals2020-05-01 00:00:00
Chorus Connection - Taking your Choir Rehearsals Online
Article that explores how to sing with others onlineN/AProfessional Development N/ANoNoSinging, choir, choral music, rehearsal2020-05-01 00:00:00
Teaching Choir Through E-Learning - Facebook Group
A Facebook Group devoted to exploring how to teach choir online.N/AProfessional Development N/ANoNoSinging, choir, choral music, rehearsal2020-05-01 00:00:00
E-Learning in Music Education - Facebook GroupA Facebook Group with thousands of music teachers discussing e-learning. N/AProfessional Development N/ANoNoonline education, remote teaching 2020-05-01 00:00:00
Teaching Music Online: How to Engage Students Through Your Virtual Classroom Article that explores approaches to keeping students engaged with making music from home. N/AProfessional Development N/ANoNoe-learning, distance education2020-05-01 00:00:00
The Music Podcast for KidsA fun and educational podcast that teaches kids about the many apsects music offers. From different styles and genres of music to music from around the world. Some episodes have supplemental PDF resources. Elementary, MiddleTeacher & Parent ResourceOff-screenNoNoListening skills, music theory, musical instruments, musical genres, world music, funny2020-05-01 00:00:00
Making a Recorder Mute at Home
An easy guide to help turn down the volume on your kid's recorder!AllParent ResourceOff-screenNoNorecorder2020-05-01 00:00:00
Carnegie Hall - Resources for Music EducatorsLesson plans, teaching videos, and full concert videos for students and teachers in grades K–2 that focus on music from around the worldElementary, MiddleTeacher Resource & Parent ResourceOn-screenNoNoworld music, music and culture2020-05-01 00:00:00
Music Play OnlineA vast collection of music activities, games, and lessons that engage K-6 students with music performance and music theory. Videos include singalongs and recorder lessons. ElementaryTeacher ResourceOn-screen YesYesMusic theory, recorder, boomwhacker, ukulele, guitar, rhythm 2020-05-01 00:00:00
YouisicianYousician offers thousands of songs, exercises, and teacher-crafted lessons
all in one app. Free for teachers during COVID-19.
AllTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesNoSinging, guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, lessons2020-05-01 00:00:00
Chrome Music LabChrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. Activities explore music and its connections to science, math and art. Students can also create their own music. AllTeacher Resource On-screenNoNoComposition, music production, science, math, art, dance, theory, rhythm2020-05-01 00:00:00
Toronto Symphony Orchestra - Education ResourcesVarious resources that engage students with a musical celebration of Canada's sesquicentennial.AllTeacher ResourceOn-screenNoYesOrchestral music, Canadian music2020-05-01 00:00:00
BandLabBandLab for Education empowers teachers and students with everything they need for collaborative, engaging and meaningful learning. Offers a free songwriting and mixing tool, virtual instruments and recording functionality. AllTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesNoMusic production, music collaboration, lessons, music technology, beats, looping, songwriting, composition, sound mixing 2020-05-01 00:00:00
Several interactive, online music theory modules. Middle, HighTeacher ResourceOn-screenNo NoMusic theory, music analysis2020-05-01 00:00:00
TED Talks on Music
A list of several TED Talks that discuss music-related topics. Middle, HighTeacher ResourceOn-screenNoNoMusic psychology, music and the brain, music history music and culture, videos2020-05-01 00:00:00
ToneSavvyA collection of several music theory, rhythm and ear-training exercises. Free for teachers during COVID-19. HighTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesNoMusic theory, ear-training, rhythm, dictation2020-05-01 00:00:00
Breezin' Thru Theory & Composing A collection of interactive lessons that engage students with music theory and composition. Free for teachers during COVID-19. HighTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesNoMusic theory, ear-training, rhythm, dictation, composition2020-05-01 00:00:00
Looplabs Looplabs is a collaborative cloud based music studio that lets anyone, regardless of technical skills or ability, quickly and easily make professional quality music anywhere, anytime and with anyone.Middle, HighTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesNoMusic production, music collaboration, lessons, music technology, beats, looping, songwriting, composition, sound mixing 2020-05-01 00:00:00
MazaamA musical game that supports the cognitive development of children from 4 to 6 years old through introducing them to classical music. ElementaryTeacher ResourceOn-screenYesYesClassical music, music theory, music games2020-05-01 00:00:00
Orkidstra Online ResourcesOrKidstra’s KiddlyWinks is a popular, fun-filled, value-based music education program for elementary school-age childrenElementaryTeacher & Parent ResourceOn-screenNoNoSingalong, recorder2020-05-01 00:00:00
PBS Kids Music GamesSeveral music games for kids that feature characters from popular TV shows such as Arthur and Sesame Street. ElementaryTeacher & Parent ResourceOn-screenNoNoGames, music theory, primary, Pre-K2020-05-01 00:00:00
Bridging the Gap: Teaching and Learning Music Online Webinar
A recorded webinar that introduces teachers to how to adjust their teaching to an online environment. N/AProfessional Development On-screenNoNoe-learning, distance education2020-05-01 00:00:00
NoteBoard by Ten KettlesNoteBoard is a super-simple online instrument you can play with your computer keyboard or on your mobile device. It's perfect for exploring different keys, working on your next musical idea, or learning to transcribe by ear. AllStudent, Teacher & Parent ResourceOn-screenNoNoonline instrument, music theory, composition, songwriting2020-05-22
Treble Clef Escape Room ChallengeChallenge yourself or your students by playing the Treble Clef Escape Room Challenge! AllStudent and Teacher ResourceOn-screenNoNogame, e-learning, distance education, ear-training, rhythm2020-05-22
MusiCounts Learn Town Hall: Music Education & COVID-19 in Canada
A recorded panel discussion moderated by MusiCounts' Nick Godsoe that features teachers from across Canada (BC, AB, ON, NL). This discussion centres around how COVID-19 has impacted music education as well as the lasting ramifications it will have as we approach the coming school year in September. N/AProfessional DevelopmentOn-screenNoNoe-learning, distance education, transition to online learning2020-05-22
Groove Pizza
Groove Pizza is a music app that allows you to create and play with grooves using shapes and math!AllStudent, Parent and Teacher ResourceOn-screenNoNoe-learning, math, shapes, geometry, online instrument, distance learning2020-05-22
aQWERTYon (QWERTY accordion) is designed to simplify the process of improvising, learning, and making music with your computer keyboard. Users can even play along to their favourite songs using the search tool.AllStudent, Parent and Teacher ResourceOn-screenNoNoe-learning, keyboard, piano, computer, online instrument2020-05-22
WhackanoteA fun and interactive game to teach kids how to identify and read musical notes! Whackanote can be played simply by using the number pad on your computer keyboard.Elementary, MiddleStudentOn-screenNoNoe-learning, theory, musical notation, reading music, game2020-05-22
Song Maker | The Majesty of Music and MathMeet Song Maker, an app developed by Chrome Music Lab which kids to create and share their own songs, add beats, melodies and harmonies.Middle, HighStudentOn-screenNoNoonline instrument, beat-making, songwriting, music, math2020-05-22
Treble Note Clef FlashcardsA fun online game which enables students to identify Treble Clef Notes via flashcards. A great resource for those looking to engage their students in music theory.Middle, HighStudentOn-screenNoNomusic theory, e-learning, game, flashcard, treble clef2020-05-22
Name That NotePlay Name That Note, an online note-reading workout for music students! Players select either the treble of bass clef, then pick their level of difficulty. Elementary, MiddleStudentOn-screenNoNomusic notation, theory, e-learning, game2020-05-22
Pentatonic Scale ActivityLesson plan for an activity for elementary and middle school students that introduces a pentatonic scale often used in the music of east Asia.Elementary, Middle, HighTeacherOff-screenNoNoLesson plan, pentatonic scale, East Asian music2020-06-02
Smithsonian JazzCheck out the cool jazz tunes and stories about jazz musicians we have here for you! Visit "Jazz Classes" to hear the elegant Duke Ellington, the scat singer extraordinaire Ella Fitzgerald, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, and swingin' Benny Carter. There is also a cool Duke Ellington Interactive lesson. For those of you who want to find out more about jazz, click on "What is Jazz" to answer your questions. Teachers: Groovin’ to Jazz includes thirty-one original recordings with lesson plans designed for intermediate level (ages 8-13) and middle level (ages 13-15) students. Some lessons have worksheets to go with them.Elementary, Middle, HighStudent, Parent & TeacherOn-screenNoNoJazz, Lesson Plan, Ella Fitzgerald, no instrument, history2020-06-02
Native DrumsTeachers can download free, printable, teacher resource kits directly relating to provincial curricula. These materials are usable as is or customizable for use in the classroom. Middle, HighStudent, Parent & TeacherOff-screenNoNoIndigenous drumming, lesson plan, e-learning2020-06-02
Black History Month Teaching LessonsFebruary is Black History Month. Explore the many contributions of African Americans with several cross-curricular lessons, printables, quizzes, and activities below! Utilize these resources for grades K-12.Elementary, Middle, HighStudent, TeacherOff-screenNoNoBlack History Month, Lesson Plans, Teachers, e-learning2020-06-02
Soundslice.comSoundslice is an interactive website which allows you to play along with "live" sheet music. This website offers a variety of pay to play as well as free resources. Slow down, speed up and loop your sheet music to make sure you're playing every note correctly and on-time. Additional resources on how to use this tool can be found at, HighStudent, Parent & TeacherOn-screenNoNonotation, editor, music, e-learning, 2020-06-02
ArtsAlive.caThe National Arts Centre presents Music, a place for students to learn about orchestral music, great composers, as well as other music resources. Students can engage with acitivities, games, and an instrument lab. Elementary, MiddleTeacher, Student & Parent ResourceOn-screenNoNoGames, music, instrument lab, history, composers, orchestra2020-06-02
Backyard BeatsBackyard Beats has a collection of DIY craft-struments students can build themselves at home. Then students can follow along by watching live online at at 6:05 pm. Don't miss this fun opportunity to get aquainted with DIY instruments. ElementaryStudentOn-screenNoNodiy, instrument, home, harp, tambourine, keyboard, bagpipe, guitar, xylophone2020-06-02
The Centre for the Study of Black Culture by York University | Music ResourcesThis website explores the African Canadian music scene with its rich mixture of diasporic flavours from such places as the West Indies, Africa, the United States, South America, and the Maritimes. On the music section of the site you'll find information about many kinds of music and the artists who are producing that music - from Hip Hop to Reggae, Calypso to Classical and more.AllStudent, TeacherOff-screenNoNoAfrican Canadian music, History, Calypso, Classic, Folk, Jazz, Rap, Reggae, Soul, Steelpan2020-06-02
Music Family Space Invaders QuizTest your knowledge of musical instrument families and have fun with a 'Space Invaders' style bonus upon answering each question correctly. Do not type a 'space' before or after the answer to avoid missing the questions. There are 20 questions.ElementaryStudentOn-screenNoNogame, challenge, music theory2020-06-02
Orchestra Game from the Magic FluteUsing sounds to identify instruments, Orchestra Game is a fun and fantastic to enhance the ear training capacities of elementary students. Elementary StudentOn-screenNoNogame, music2020-06-02
Classics for KidsA website that provides helpful classical music resources to plan your online music curriculum. A fantastic resource for students, parents and teachers. This website has music history, music games, as well as activity sheets. ElementaryStudent, Parent and TeacherBothNoNoclassical music, activity sheets, lesson plans, teach, online, games, composers.2020-06-02
Music Tech TeacherA series of elementary and middle school level quizzes, puzzles and games about music notes, rhythms, instruments, composers, and more. FOr those without Flash, Ms. Garrett recommends using the Puffin browser. Elementary, MiddleStudent, TeacherOn-screenNoNoworksheet, music, online learning, theory, flashcards, instruments, composers, quizzes, puzzles, instruments2020-06-02
Decolonizing the Music RoomDecolonizing the Music Room is a non-profit organization that seeks to help music educators develop critical practices and to build a more equitable future through research, training and discourse. This website contains a myriad of podcasts, songs, stories, repertoire and resources dealing with the intersection of social justice and music education. N/ATeacherBothNoNoLesson plan, resource, social justice, Anti-Black Racism, Black Lives Matter2020-06-15
TeachRock | #BLACKLIVESMATTER: Music in a MovementA lesson plan which guides students through the formation and mission of the Black Lives Matter organization and movement, the significance of an anthem to a group of people, and how modern music such as Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" and Beyoncé's "Formation" celebrate Black culture. This guide contains several activities for students and can be conducted offline. AllTeacher, StudentOfflineNoNoLesson plan, resource, social justice, Anti-Black Racism, Black Lives Matter movement, Kendrick Lamar, Beyoncé, Black culture 2020-06-15
The Score | White Fragility in Music EducationIn this podcast, Eric Jimenez and Justin McLean discuss the current status of culture and how racial lines play a major role in the lives of us as people and educators. The Score is an Urban Music Education Podcast that seeks to provide tips and strategies through honest discussions on teaching music in an Urban setting. The goal is to provide a positive and solution-based narrative to create more effective, compassionate and culturally relevant music educators. N/ATeacherOnlineNoNoPodcast, white fragility, music education, #BlackLivesMatter, social justice, advocacy, curriculum 2020-06-15
New York Times Lesson Plan | Teaching With Protest Music This lesson plan was created by the New York Times. It is a guide for educators looking for ways to incorporate protest music into their lessons. This guide provides a brief summary of protest music and its integral role in social justice movements. It also provides questions and topics that teachers can use to engage students in this topic. This includes the civil rights movement, Anti-apartheid movement, Hip-Hop, and #BlackLivesMatter. Middle, HighTeacher, StudentBothNoNoProtest Music, Lesson Plan, New York Times, Eric Garner, Pete Seeger, #BlackLivesMatter, Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr., Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, South Africa and Songs of Freedom, Anti-war, Anti-apartheid, activity 2020-06-15
Teaching ToleranceA database of free music lessons and learnings plans for educators with an emphasis on social justice topics. These resources are sorted by age group and contain supplementary materials designed to make lesson plans more inclusive. Middle, HighTeacherOnlineYesNoTolerance, database, music education, learning resource, social advocacy, social justice, lesson plans, Race & Ethnicity Ability Gender & Sexual Identity Bullying & Bias Rights & Activism, Justice, Action2020-06-15