Graham Young: May 9, 1958 - May 11, 2019 

A guitar-loving chocolate fanatic, a hockey-worshipping plain-language champion and a Monty-Python-adoring hero to his wife, son and family, Graham Young said, often, ‘Music is the link between me and my closest friends.’

From punk rock to Frank Sinatra by way of Hank Williams and Bob Mould, music was the greatest catalyst for joy in Graham’s life. Inspired by the guitar prowess of both Keith Richards and Warner Hodges, Graham sang, wrote and played music with a proficiency, dedication and head-banging passion that inspired every band mate he worked with over his 45 years of practising and performing.

His zeal, wit and fervour were matched only by his dogged determination to excel in every area of his life: as writer, trainer, skater, guitarist. Father. Brother. Husband. Son.

Lyrics from his song Keep Your Light On (Never Fade Away), finished just weeks before he died, are now poignant and apt:
Just take solace in one thing,
These bad times will pass;
And then glory to you be –
And your half-full glass.

Keep your light on, Graham. Never fade away.
We’re raising a half-full glass.