The M.A.P.L. Series

Confidential Records is an entirely student-run record label and events company. Since 1997, Artist Management students at the Harris Institute have been using their newly acquired skills to promote the artists that are managed throughout the course. The final project is a showcase concert in Toronto, with exclusive new recordings.

Confidential Records has proven itself to be an intensive training ground for Canada’s future music industry leaders. Former staff have gone on to hold high level positions at leading record labels, publishing companies, government grant bodies and management companies across the world. No wonder the school has been rated by Billboard magazine as the highest ranking Music Industry School in Canada. Meet the future of your Canadian music industry – come to a Confidential Records showcase event.

On July 20th, Confidential Records is hosting The M.A.P.L. Series. M.A.P.L., a common language used in the Canadian music industry, symbolizes the diversity instilled into Canadian culture. The M.A.P.L. Series will showcase new, emerging Canadian talent in a whole new light! As Canada is a cultural mosaic, the spotlight will be on all genres and styles of music.

You may be wondering, what is M.A.P.L.?!

The M.A.P.L. system was created to increase exposure of Canadian music in Canada. It strives to strengthen Canadian music industry, including creative and production components.

M: the music is performed by a Canadian
A: the artists are Canadian
P: the musical selection consists of a live performance recorded, performed, and broadcasted in Canada
L: the lyrics are written by a Canadian

As it is Canada’s 150th birthday, Confidential Records thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our true north, strong and free!

Come on out at 8:00pm at Supermarket in Kensington Market. Cover is $10 with all net proceeds going to MusiCounts! Check out their event page here!