Make your miles matter – turn your extra Aeroplan Miles into music!

From September 28 to October 4

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We very much hope that you will consider donating Aeroplan Miles to MusiCounts this year, giving us the opportunity to connect with those we serve as soon as it’s safe to do so. 

MusiCounts relies on Aeroplan Miles to help us connect, engage and develop stronger relationships with music educators, youth and communities across Canada. The health and sustainability of music education across Canada is a priority for MusiCounts regardless if music is taught in the classroom or remotely.

Aeroplan will be matching miles donated up to 500,000 between September 28 to October 4! Donating your Aeroplan Miles will help MusiCounts expand our national reach, allowing us to connect with more schools, communities, youth and educators.

MusiCounts Uses Aeroplan Miles to:

  1. Visit schools and communities across Canada to celebrate MusiCounts Band Aid instrument and MusiCounts TD Community Music Program grants.  
  2. Invite and facilitate our extraordinary MusiCounts Teacher of the Year with a trip to the JUNO Awards. 
  3. Fly MusiCounts Scholarship recipients to Toronto for an invaluable week-long mentoring and networking experience with representatives of the music industry.   
  4. Enable artists to visit schools in different parts of the country to  collaborate with community and school music programs.
  5. Fundraise at events such as silent auctions, so that we can put more instruments into the hands of kids who need them most.
  6. Meet with music educators to understand the climate of music education throughout Canada.

Help turn your miles into music with MusiCounts and Aeroplan by donating now!