The 30-Minutes That Can Change A Week

Zach Sutton (BFA) is Toronto-based musician. He has performed in Canada and Internationally as a member of Jane’s Party, The Devin Cuddy Band and Nomadica. He is currently on faculty at The Regent Park School of Music and runs a private music practice specializing in drums, percussion and piano lessons.

Two months-ago our lives shifted in ways we could have never imagined. With school closures, team sports disrupted and uncertainty about the coming months, music lessons have become an essential chance for students to connect, and parents to briefly unwind. It has also been a moment for teachers to reflect on the importance of music education. 30-minute lessons have the power to evoke positive change. Here is how we all benefit.


30 minutes to talk, to perform, to sing, to clap and make some noise. This break in the week is their time to shine. It is also time for them to talk, to laugh, to smile, to complain and connect. It is their time to ask questions, to try new instruments, to learn new songs, and to joke around with their teacher. Most importantly, it is a chance for them to have fun.


The unsung heroes. Parents are navigating a drastic shift in their work and home lives. On top of that, they’re helping their children adjust to this new normal and all of its challenges. 30 minutes can mean a chance for a deep breath, cooking dinner, finishing work or catching up with friends. Most importantly, music lessons make their children happy.


The ripple effect of music. I have heard about students jamming virtually, making YouTube videos, and playing songs for their grandparents over Zoom. A 30-minute lesson can be the spark that brings music to family and friends.


We are catching up to our students. I’ve marveled at my students’ abilities to navigate the digital world. From Zoom theme parties, iPad recording lessons, YouTube tutorials and more, our students are teaching us how to adapt and change. Every 30-minute lesson I teach reminds me I’m a student too.

Music lessons are more important now than ever. It is a chance to learn, connect, relax, and sing. It is a chance to share, smile, challenge and grow. It is a chance to ask questions, find balance, create, and explore. It is chance to bring about positive change during these times. And all it takes is 30 minutes.