National Study on the State of Music Education in Canada


MusiCounts, alongside The Coalition for Music Education in Canada, Music Canada, The Canadian Music Educators Association, Canadian Network for Arts and Learning, and People for Education are working together on the first ever national study on the state of music education in Canada. Through surveying music educators of all stripes and school administrators, this study will paint an unprecedented picture of the spectrum of music education experiences in Canada.

This is the first ever study to address issues of music education from a national perspective. We hope you will take 10 minutes to complete the survey and participate in this ever-important study.

Who should complete this survey? 

  • Anyone who teaches any kind of music in a K-12 school in Canada. Whether you teach music full time or you teach your school’s one and only extracurricular music course, this survey is for you.
  • All school administrators. Whether your school has a robust music program or no music program at all, this survey is for you.


To begin the survey in English, click here.

To begin the survey in French, click here.


Why should I complete the survey? 

  • Now more than ever, we need to understand the realities of music education in Canada. In taking part in this survey, you will join thousands of music education stakeholders from across Canada, and will help make this study more reflective of the diversity of music education experiences in Canada.
  • Further, by completing this survey you will be entered for a chance to receive one of three $5,000 MusiCounts Band Aid Program grants for your school.