Gord Bamford – MusiCounts Artist of the Month

MusiCounts is proud to recognize award winning artist and music education advocate, Gord Bamford as the MusiCounts Artist of the Month for March. Gord sponsored the 2014 MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, has participated in MusiCounts instrument grant celebrations at schools, and supports MusiCounts through the Gord Bamford Foundation. Since 2014 the Gord Bamford Foundation has donated $200,000 to MusiCounts, giving thousands of children across Canada the opportunity to enjoy the incredible benefits of music in school for generations to come.

MusiCounts visited D’Arcy McGee Catholic School in Toronto to see the impact of the instruments they received via MusiCounts & the Gord Bamford Foundation. Watch:

Thank you to Gord Bamford and the Gord Bamford Foundation for your amazing contributions to MusiCounts!


Listen to Gord Bamford’s latest album:


About The Gord Bamford Foundation:

As a not for profit organization, The Gord Bamford Foundation is passionate about supporting youth. As a Foundation we provide funds for initiatives that include or involve music, education, health care, sports, and multi-use facilities that benefit youth across Canada.

Ashley Sperling