Meet the Community Music Recipients – Richmond Music School Society

MusiCounts and TD Bank Group are proud to partner and support youth music programs across the country. In 2018, 30 music programs from across Canada will benefit from instrument grants through the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program. To celebrate, MusiCounts is highlighting a recipient program each day this week.

Today, we’re hearing from Dr. Grace Sather: Principal of Richmond Music School Society to learn more about their program and the impact of the new instruments they received via MusiCounts.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your music program, and your participants?
Richmond Music School is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the community for more than 37 years. It also offers many outreach programs, the very first being the violin outreach program that is quite low cost and affordable for all members of the community. The groups are divided into four sections based on their capabilities and they have lessons twice a week, an hour each.

Why did you apply for support from the Miscounts TD Community Music Program?
Because we are a nonprofit organization and we survive on funds given to us by the smaller community well as the larger society and thus cannot afford to buy instruments to help those who want to learn but are unable to afford such costs.

How will receiving these new musical instruments have an impact on your program and its participants?
We have had violins previously donated that we have been using for more than 10 years , and we have used those old violins for a long time, and the impact that playing new instruments will have on the students’ morale, their wellbeing and their performance will be amazing and incomparable. Having a quality instrument will impact the performance of the children and encourages them to participate and do their best. Along the years, some of our students have carried on their studies into university. Moreover, these young souls offer many volunteering concerts in the community for the elderly, the underprivileged and the new instruments will be an added plus to their mission in life.

Once you receive all your new instruments and equipment, what are the next steps for your program?
This program is growing exponentially and continues to do so. Thus, more families will be able to be a part of our outreach, encouraging them to nurture their children and possibly join in as adults themselves. As we give so many concerts during the year, and join the community for charitable purposes, this would allow us more variety and more participants to help out. We believe that music is of essence and we continue in this mission.

Are there any stories related to receiving these instruments that you would like to share?
Our community that is so thankful to MusiCounts and TD. There is one anecdote that came through from the parents. One of the children, one of our very young ones, replaced the doll she sleeps with , with her violin and thus kept it warm as per the instruction of the teacher, by covering it and sleeping next to it. The child’s parents were amazed and in awe of such a warm and loving behavior, so were we!

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