Meet the Community Music Recipients – La Ruche Musicale/ The Music Hive

MusiCounts and TD Bank Group are proud to partner and support youth music programs across the country. In 2018, 30 music programs from across Canada will benefit from instrument grants through the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program. To celebrate, MusiCounts is highlighting a recipient program each day this week.

Today, we’re hearing from Kelly-Anne Vandermeer at The Music Hive/ La Ruche Musicale in Montreal to learn more about their program and the impact of the new instruments they received via MusiCounts.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your music program, and your participants?

A: The Music Hive is a Montréal based non-profit organization dedicated to music therapy and music education. We currently offer a variety of programs that serve a myriad of needs as diverse as our clients. Our participants include young families, people with developmental disabilities, children on the autism spectrum, at-risk youth from varying socio-economic backgrounds, and young adults recovering from drug addiction.We provide group music therapy and education sessions for children, teens and young adults facing a variety of challenges, including developmental disabilities, autism and Down Syndrome. Many of the participants have financial difficulties that add considerably to their other challenges. The children, teens and young adults in these groups need support developing verbal and nonverbal communication skills, social skills, motor skills, and emotional skills, such as the self-regulation of anxiety.

Additionally, many of The Music Hive children and families have recently immigrated to Montréal and need support to encourage healthy growth and development and the chance to form positive relationships and practice language skills. Music programs also support at-risk teens and give them the opportunity to explore career options, visualize their future and develop creative interests and hobbies.We also offer a monthly music therapy session for young adults recovering from drug addiction. Young adults in recovery need to learn new, healthy and productive ways to cope with the emotional and social challenges of daily life.

Q: Why did you apply for support from the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program?

A: The Music Hive is presently at a critical stage of its development as an organization. We have successfully introduced several pilot programs across the city, and seen first hand the benefit these programs provide to the participants.

Receiving the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program Grant will allow The Music Hive to continue to grow and better meet the demand from the diverse communities that we serve. The more programming that we are able to provide on a day-to-day basis, the better we will be able to help build stronger and healthier communities.

Our inventory of instruments was incomplete for a full music therapy entourage. We lacked portable keyboards, glockenspiels, xylophones and other melodic yet intuitive instruments. The new equipment allows us to serve the needs of the community by providing our music therapists with better tools and allowing us to engage in more activities and programs.

How will receiving these new musical instruments have an impact on your program and its participants?

A: We expect to see many benefits: repeat attendance and enrolment, increased feelings of safety and belonging in inner-city neighbourhoods, increased levels of self-esteem for at-risk youth, increased social and communication skills for children with autism, increased feelings of wellbeing for caregivers, healthier communities and healthier families.

Once you receive all of your new instruments and equipment, what are the next steps for your program?

A: We will use the instruments to expand our current music therapy programs including:

  • Expanding the 8-week pilot project “Music with Friends music” therapy groups for children with autism to 15 weeks during the 2019 school year and providing an information session for parents is scheduled for November 17th 2018.
  • Offering individual music therapy sessions for children and youth with developmental disabilities
  • Offering music therapy workshops for at-risk youth, including those enrolled in the Alternative Suspension program at the YMCA
  • Increasing the variety of musical instruments available for music therapy workshops for substance abuse recovery programs would improve our ability to meet the emotional need for expression without the demand for prior musical training
  • Offering community music jams (bi-weekly Friday evening jam sessions) starting in 2019 after all of the instruments arrive.

Learn more about The Music Hive’s programs and the impact they are making within their community by visiting

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Ashley Sperling