Canadians’ love of their country inspires artists to create a one-of-a-kind CanadaSound Compilation

“The CanadaSound program has created a unique gift from Canada’s artists to Canadians, a 10-track album inspired by the sounds Canadians love, available for $9.99 in support of MusiCounts.”

Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, everyday Canadians and musicians are showing their love for Canada with a digital compilation like no other. CanadaSound is a 10-song compilation that uses the sounds and sentiments of what people love about Canada to inspire the nation’s artists to create original tracks rich in diversity and deep in meaning.

The CanadaSound album includes original works from two JUNO Award Winners, four JUNO Award Nominees and a four-time platinum artist, with inspiration from thousands of everyday Canadians.

The CanadaSound digital compilation features 10 unique songs, chosen from submissions across Canada. The artists featured include: Karl Wolf, Blitz // Berlin, DRU, Erik West-Millette, Ammoye, Florence K, Shobha, David Francey, Sofia Blu, and Melle Rose.

“CanadaSound is a great project because it gives people the opportunity to see through the eyes of a recording artist, and be creative while appreciating our country’s unique sounds. I’m honoured to be involved,” said JUNO Award winning artist DRU.

The inspiration:

Launched in April at The 2017 JUNO Awards, CanadaSound harnessed the power of sound to trigger memory and encouraged Canadians to express their love for Canada through their favourite sounds. Those sounds formed Canada’s first nationally co-created Soundscape collection at, which was curated and made available to artists on a rights-free digital platform where they could sample, mix, or simply be inspired by the sentiment behind them.

The diversity of submissions (which included things as iconic as loon calls, or as fun as snow pants swishing together and the squeaky sound fresh cheese curds make) was matched by the 82 artists across equally diverse genres such as jazz, children’s music, electroacoustic and pop that joined the project.

CanadaSound is an idea that inspires collaboration across age, geography, culture and musical genres, to bring Canadians together through a digital platform fuelled by emotion and imagination. Where else could the sound of a wolf in the North inspire a Toronto electroacoustic band to reimagine a centuries-old Maritime folk song called “Farewell to Nova Scotia”? Or attract artists to participate as unexpected as 13-year old Sofia Blue or Melle Rose, a former Miss Canada.

“Artists are forever looking for inspiration” says Neil McOstrich, Chief Storytelling Officer at cleansheet communications Inc. where the project was first imagined, “but the combinations of inspirations and the different places the artists have taken them so far is staggering.”

The launch:

The CanadaSound compilation album is available for purchase via digital retailers including iTunes and Google Play on February 14, 2018. For more information, visit

“Through the CanadaSound project we have built a contemporary collection of Canadians’ sentiments as expressed through sound and we’ve raised awareness for MusiCounts, which puts instruments in the hands of kids who need them the most,” says Catherine Frank of cleansheet communications Inc., “…But above all, we have inspired a collaboration between our country and artists that has resulted in many inspiring songs and a very accessible album, in support of MusiCounts.”