Turn Your Miles Into Music


From Nov. 21 – 27, it’s Aeroplan’s Miles Match week for MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity. For every mile donated during this period, Aeroplan will match up to 500,000. Additionally, TD Bank Group, a proud supporter of MusiCounts will also match up to 500,000. This means your donated miles will be tripled! Donating miles is an easy way to support MusiCounts and help provide more children with access to music programs in communities across Canada.

MusiCounts’ mission is to ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or background, have access to music programs through their schools and communities. This is accomplished through the Band Aid Program, the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program, the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, scholarships, and other music education initiatives.

By donating your Aeroplan Miles, you can also make music count and be instrumental in the lives of youth.

Aeroplan Miles allows MusiCounts to offset travel costs, enabling them to reach out and visit more communities and schools across Canada. Miles also help them purchase items and build experiential travel packages to auction off at various fundraising events, helping to raise more funds and awareness for their cause.

Your donation of Aeroplan Miles will be used to put musical instruments into the hands of thousands of children and youth who need music in their lives, including urban, rural, remote and First Nations communities from coast to coast.

MusiCounts by the numbers :
• More than 3 million miles have been donated by members
• Since the charity’s inception in 1997, over $9 million has been awarded to help support music education in Canada
• These funds have impacted over 750 schools and communities from coast-to-coast
• Over 300 post-secondary music program graduates have received support
• 11 extraordinary music teachers have been honoured with the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award
• In 2012, our partner TD Bank Group partnered with MusiCounts on a new program that delivers much-needed supplies of musical instruments and equipment to community programs that operate outside of schools. To-date the program has awarded nearly $1.2 million to over 80 community organizations

Help make music count – DONATE YOUR MILES TODAY!

Ashley Sperling