Lights Donates Hand Signed, Custom Guitar For MusiCounts Auction!

Multi-JUNO Award winning singer, musician and songwriter LIGHTS once again teams up with MusiCounts to help ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or cultural background, have access to a music program through their school or community.

Straight from the “Little Machines” tour, LIGHTS has donated a hand signed, custom-built Suhr Classic T Guitar for auction, with all proceeds benefitting MusiCounts. This guitar is identical to the “Little Machines” custom-built guitar that LIGHTS currently plays on tour.

Brand New. Unused. Valued at $4,930 USD.

LIGHTS is a proud supporter of MusiCounts, and explains that, “Without access to instruments growing up I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. MusiCounts puts the power of music education in the hands of young people who would otherwise go without. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to join the organization and support the Band Aid Program and MusiCounts TD Community Music Program by donating this guitar for auction.”

Photo credit:
David E. Leong